OGAE Norway was founded during the wonderful year of 1985 when Norway won the Eurovision for the first time. Since then we have been up to 700 members, in 2009 we got over 400 new members most due to the fact the we won again in 2009. Now we are back to normal and have around 500 members.

We have two meetings a year. In the spring we watch the preview on the songs of that year and vote + have a visit from our contestant of that year.

In the autumn we have guests relatead to Eurovision, we invent our own contest’s to vote on ore we watch old Eurovisions. And the Eurovision-items we collect at Eurovision is used as gifts to the people bying raffle-tickets.

We also host a preparty before the Norwegian final and for the last 5 years the artists taking part in the final has visited this party to meet and great the fans.

OGAE-Norway has a high standing in NRK and in Norwegian media and we often appear in Eurovision-related news.


Website: http://www.norway.ogae.net

Club president Morten with Margaret Berger, Norway's representative for ESC 2013

Preparty 2013 with Margaret Berger


Autumn party 2012 with Wenche Myhe


Spring party 2012 with Tooji


Spring party 2011 with Stella Mwangi


Rene van Reneen of OGAE Rest of the world hands Maria Haukaas Storeng a copy of a CD with her song in Afrikaans on at the fan stand in Oslo 2010



Spring meeting 2010 with Nora Brockstedt

Preparty 2009 with Alexander Rybak

Spring party 2008 with Maria Haukaas Storeng