OGAE Rest of the World, after seven years in existence, is not anymore one of the newer clubs in the OGAE family. It came into being in May 2006 in Athens when they were voted into the family during the President's meeting that year.

The club was formed to group together all Euroivision fans living outside of the participating countries and technically there are around 150 such countries around the world. Pre-2006 there were two strongholds - Eurovision Kazakhstan and Eurovision South Africa with support in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Japan and South Korea.


OGAE Rest of the World is also the home for fans from European countries without own clubs. The moment a club is formed in that country, like in Iceland in 2012, the members automatically go to the new club.


At this moment, the countries without clubs and therefore part of Ogae rest of the world are Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech republic, Monaco, San Marino, Montenegro, Latvia and Georgia.

When OGAE Rest of the World was formed, an election was held for the position of president and Roy van der Merwe from South Africa came out as the winner and Andy Mikheev of Kazakhstan as the vice-president. They invited people to fill the rest of the board. The term of president is 4 years.


Due to the nature of OGAE Rest of the World, it is not possible to rally around selecting an entry for Eurovision, having large get-togethers of members, etc. We do take part in all 3 the OGAE competitions, now that we are allowed to enter SECOND CHANCE with an entry for a European country without an official OGAE club. We actually won Second chance in 2011 with a song from Iceland and then went on to host the 2012 contest.

We have a very active website - www.esckaz.com and the motto of this website is to bring you the news first. It operates in both Russian and English and there are news items on a daily basis. Since November 2009, we have a Facebook page which focuses more on the links between Eurovision songs and covers done in other countries, notably South Africa which now has the most active EUROVISION cover market in the world. This Facebook is based in South Africa and we have over 5000 friends on it and we have done over 1500 items since we started a couple of years ago.

Roy van der Merwe has attended every Eurovision since 1995 as an accredited journalist, often at great difficulty due to the large distance and difficulty over visas. This year we will have almost 50 of our members in Malmo and 60% of them will be attending their first ever Eurovision. We have been very active when it comes to the OGAE fanstand and especially in Oslo we have a wonderful time. We are again offering our help, it is up to the host club to accept it or not. We also contributed to the EuroSong News this year with no less than four articles – Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia and Hungary.

Until Malmo, membership was free but we will introduce a new system because finally we have now someone in charge of financial issues living in a country without foreign currency control. Our membership has also expanded a lot, with 100 people joining us from Costa Rica shortly after the Baku Eurovision and soon we will get around 20 members from China. Unofficially we are standing at over 500 members although in terms of OGAE cards, we are around the 150 mark as we did not allow members to purchase cards unless they were attending Eurovision.

In 2007 we introduced a yearly award - the Ogae rest of the world. Ogae rest of the world members voted for their favourite Eurovision entry of a specific year. In 2007 the winner was Iceland, in 2008 the winner was Belarus, in 2009 the winner was Lithuania, in 2010 the winner was Romania, in 2011 it was Poland and in 2012 it was Iceland again. Voting has started on the 2013 award and it will be handed over to the winner in Malmo. We hope it is a new country again.

Inside the venue this year will be OGAE members from Krysgistan, South Africa, Australia, America, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, and Panama for example. When it comes to parties, this is extremely difficult to organize with our members living all over the world but there are often parties in Kazakhstan showcasing the videos and in South Africa, with the majority of our members being recording artists themselves, we have great gatherings at CD launches and shows.

Unfortunately members in several countries, like MEXICO, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA, etc do their own thing as they do not seem to feel part of such a diverse group and they actually would like to have their own OGAE club, which is not possible. We are running a competition now to get a logo and flag designed for our club and we should have it on the website in a couple of months.

We hope more and more people living in the non-traditional countries regarding Eurovision will contact us. We do not have as much to offer as the participating countries, notably an own entry to the annual Eurovision, but we are unique when it comes to giving you the overall experience of what Eurovision is.


Feel free to contact us via the contact details on our websites.


Website: www.esccovers.com and www.esckaz.com



South African artist Jasmyn attending Dusseldorf and meeting up with Stella who participated for Norway. As Stella has Kenyan roots, it was ideal for them to chat about Africa.


Willem Botha, South African singer and OGAE Rest of the world member recently met up with Lisa del Bo who sang for Belgium in 1996 (Liefde is een kaartspel). They exchanged CD's in Belgium and Willem also recorded her song in Afrikaans.


Roy van der Merwe, president of OGAE Rest of the world at the beautiful fan stand in Oslo during Eurovision.


Lee Scott and Rene van Reneen, two Rest of the world members are singers themselves in Oslo 2010 with some of the backing members of Sieneke of the Netherlands.


Juanita van der walt, OGAE Rest of the world member from South Africa with the Latvian entry in 2011 ANGEL IN DISGUISE by Musiqq. We promoted Latvia as they have no own club. In 2013 in Malmo, we will promote the Latvian entry as well.



OGAE Rest of the world handed a certificate to Valentina Monetta in Malmö
as she won the OGAE ROW club voting.



OGAE Rest of the world handed a certificate to Takasa of Switzerland in appreciation that
they picked a Swahili name for their band.